EMMSMUSIC.COM is no longer current (posted 1/21/16)


Please go to Canvas for all pertinent course information. While we may store some information on this site and link to it from Canvas for expediency, we are no longer posting current assignments, playing charts, or schedule changes on this site.

EMMSMUSIC.COM is in it final days (posted 10/30/15)

With the county move to Canvas, all new materials are now posted on that site instead of this one. If you are trying to find information and are having trouble, please contact Mr. Denne, Mr. Dogas, or Mr. Fischer with your request so that we can help.

All-State Auditions (posted 9/14/15)

All students that are planning to audition for all-state, need to fill out this form and turn it in to Mr. Denne, Mr. Fischer, or Mr. Dogas.

Orchestra Seating Auditions will be held during the 1st sectional (posted 8/28/15)

While we have not yet finalized our sectional schedule, students should be ready to perform their audition music by next Wednesday, Sept. 2nd. Seating auditions should be completed by Sept. 15th.

Here is the music that students should prepare, grouped by ensemble:

Concert Orchestra: Essentials for Strings: p. 27, D Major #1 (violas and cellos should play the top notes) --or-- p. 36, D Major #1 (for 2 octave scale, the rubric score will be mulitplied by 1.2) — & — Essential Elements Book 2: p. 2, #5 - Theme from London Symphony

Chamber Orchestra: Essentials for Strings p. 28, A Major, #1 (Violins, please play bottom notes) --or-- p. 37, A Major, #1 (for 2 octave scale, the rubric score will be mulitplied by 1.2) — & — Essential Technique: p. 21, #116 - Dona Nobis Pacem

Philharmonia Orchestra: Essentials for Strings: p. 40, F Major #1 --or-- p. 50, F Major #1 (for 3 octave scale, the rubric score will be mulitplied by 1.2) — & — Essential Technique: p. 33, #164 - Bourée from Suite in E minor for Lute

Instrumental Students will not need to bring instruments on the first day of school (posted 8/23/15)

While instrumental students should make sure that they have found their instrument and make sure that it is ready to play, they will not need to bring them on the first day of school. Orchestra students will need to bring them for the first time on Tuesday, and band students will follow instructions given by Mr. Fischer on Monday.

G/T Ensemble information (posted 8/23/15)

G/T ensembles are great opportunities to broaden experiences for the musician who just can't get enough. There are two middle school G/T orchestras (the orchestra and sinfonia), a G/T band, and G/T chorus. Auditions for the G/T band, orchestra and sinfonia happen very early in the school year, and audition signups will be open for orchestra starting August 29th. Click on the G/T Orchestra, G/T Band, or G/T Chorus links in the left column for more information.

HCPSS Connect (posted 8/23/15)

Connect is the portal through which you will access Canvas and Synergy, the grading/attendance/communication systems used by all of the schools in Howard County this year. In addition to the live access to teacher's gradebooks, this system also has the capability to generate email communication between teachers and parents. Parents have the ability to add their email address to the database through the connect portal. We would sincerely appreciate if parents could log in and either make sure the listed email is correct or add the email address if it is missing. Thank you!

Welcome to Music at Ellicott Mills (posted 8/23/15)

If you are reading this, then you have successfully found the place to turn to for information and materials for your child's performing arts group at Ellicott Mills for the first few months of this school year. You can click on the "Required Materials" link on the left to see what materials your child will need this year. The "Calendar" link, again on the left, has a list of concerts that have been scheduled for this year. Please make a note of those on your family calendar. We will be updating that page as we make decisions about which groups will be performing on which nights. By clicking on the "Teachers" link above, you have ready access to your child's teacher by using the email link there.

The Refresh Button (posted 8/29/11)

Your browsers refresh button can be your best friend in making sure that you have the most up to date information on this website. Until we figure out how to automatically refresh pages every time you open them, your browser may load the old image from the cache memory and not display the most recent information. Click refresh often on all pages!


Thank you!




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