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Concert Band Seating Audition Music (posted 4/10/14)

The music for fourth-quarter seating for Concert Band members is posted on the Concert Band page. The music is "Korean Folk Song Medley" by James Ployhar. Because the music is taken from actual Korean folk melodies, the melodic parts are pentatonic in nature but you can use the following tuning notes to practice playing in tune and with a good tone. Concert C for "Beteul Norae", Concert Bb for "Odoldogi", and Concert F for "Arirang". Find a professional-quality recording so you can get a better sense of tempo and style. Contact Dr. Roberts if you have forgotten your username and password.

All students should prepare the 1st part for her/his instrument. Percussionists should prepare the snare drum part.

Concert Band Adjudication Details (posted 4/7/14)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


5:00 pm                  Students report to band room dressed in concert clothes.
5:30 pm                  Band boards busses and leaves EMMS.
5:45 pm                  Band arrives at Centennial High School, leaves instruments and coats in storage area, proceeds to auditorium to listen to Murray Hill and Patapsco Concert Bands.
6:50 pm                  Band returns to storage room to unpack instruments and proceeds to the warm up area.
7:00 pm                  Band warms up.
7:15 pm                  Percussion Section moves to the Stage.
7:25 pm                  Winds move to the stage.
7:30 pm                  Band performs three selections (one warm-up; two adjudicated).
8:00 pm                  Band moves to the clinic room.
8:20 pm                  Band returns to designated storage area to pack instruments.
8:30 pm                  Band boards busses and returns to EMMS.
8:50 pm                  Band arrives at EMMS.

Hershey Park - May 31, 2014 (posted 3/10/14)

The Symphonic Band, Chorale, Chamber Orchestra, and Philharmonia Orchestra will be taking the annual trip to Hershey Park on May 31st. Click here for a copy of the permission slip and itinerary. Chaperone spots are filled first come-first served, so parents that are interested in being chaperones should make sure that forms are turned in promptly for their student. Please do not send in the chaperone fee until we contact you.

Orchestra Festival Preview Concert - March 13th, Howard HS (posted 2/28/14)

Our Orchestra preview concert will be held on March 13th at Howard High school. Click here for a schedule of events. In addition to wonderful performances, the Howard music boosters will be offering concessions during the event.

Symphonic Band: New Music is posted (posted 2/24/14)

The "Tales of the Bay" parts have been posted. Tempi for each movement are as follows: I. Jamestown: quarter note = 84, II. Yorktown: quarter note = 80, III. Baltimore Harbor: quarter note = 69, IV. Annapolis: quarter note = 100, m. 9: quarter note = 72, m. 25: quarter note = 76, m. 33: quarter note = 84, m. 37: quarter note = 88, m. 58: quarter note = 100.

Orchestra Assessment Field Trip and Performance (2/19/14)

The Philharmonia and Chamber orchestras will be attending the Howard County Middle School Orchestra Assessment on Tuesday, March 18th. This is a mandatory field trip for all members of these groups. An itinerary and permission slip can be downloaded here.

Wind and Percussion Sectional Schedule is posted (1/30/14)

You can gain access to the Third Quarter Wind and Percussion Sectional Schedule by clicking on the link above. Make sure that you check the schedule carefully since there are lots of changes due to MSA testing days this quarter. You can't guarantee that your sectional will always occur on the same day of the week.

Band Seating Audition Music for third quarter (posted 1/24/14)

All music appears on the Symphonic Band and Concert Band page links that can be accessed from the "Bands" link above. Contact Dr. Roberts if you have forgotten your username and password.

Symphonic Band members will be auditioning for seats during the first sectional of the third quarter. The music is "Cajun Folk Songs". Students should prepare the entire selection, both movements. The first movement is in concert A minor, the second in concert F major Percussionists will audition on the tom tom part.

Concert Band members will be auditioning for seats during the first sectional of the third quarter. The music is "Gypsydance". Students should prepare the entire selection. The music is in concert F dorian, concert Eb major, and it ends in concert Bb. Using a concert F to prepare should help you with the intonation of most of the parts. Percussionists will audition on the snare drum part.

Third Quarter Playing Charts (posted 1/13/14)

Playing charts for the third quarter are posted above. The last week of the second quarter will be considered extra credit.

Auditions for 2014-15 Orchestra, Choir, and Band (posted 12/17/13)

Auditions will be held during January 2014 for students who are interested in performing with the Orchestra, Choir, or Band next year. A letter will be coming home outlining the process.

Orchestra students will be competing in an olympic-themed pentathalon (I know that it is not a winter event) instead of the traditional audition process. This competition started on Dec. 11 and will continue through Jan. 24th. Information about the pentathalon can be found by clicking here.

Band students will be auditioning on the music posted here. Wind players will perform #90 and percussion players will perform #14. Your username and password is the same that it is for all sheet music or recordings. You will need to scroll down to find the part for your instrument. Tempi are indicated. The key of the wind piece is Db so make sure that you're using Db on the tuning page to show your mastery of intonatiion. In addition to the prepared piece, all students will need to play the following scales, two octaves where possible: concert Bb, concert Eb, concert Ab, concert Db, and a chromatic scale. The scales should be performed in the eighth-and-sixteenth pattern at a tempo of quarter note = 72.

New Band Music is posted (posted 11/15/13)

Click on the "Bands" link above to gain access to the files. Contact Dr. Roberts if you have forgotten your username or password.

Second Quarter Playing Charts (posted 10/28/13)

Playing Charts for the second quarter are available at the link above. Students will begin recording playing time beginning with Monday, October 28th.

First Quarter Band Assessments (posted 10/10/13)

Individual Playing Assessments will be held during the sectional scheduled for the week of October 21-24. All band students must be ready to play the assessment at this time. Please check the "Band" link at the top to make sure that you have the correct materials prepared!

Contact Dr. Roberts if you have any questions.

New Music has been posted for Concert Band, period one. (posted 9/13/13)

To get access to the practice copies, go to the "Bands" link above, then click on the link for period one Concert Band practice copies. Use the username and password provided on the blue sheet that was given to all band members on the first day of school. If you have forgotten your username and password, email Dr. Roberts.

Our 2013-2014 calendar has been posted on the calendar link in the left panel. Sorry for the delay! (posted 9/10/13)

Band and Orchestra Assignments (posted 9/3/13)

Band students can find assignments for completion of your three daily practice sessions on the "Bands" link above. Assignments are listed for both Concert Band (period one) and Symphonic Band (period three). Please make sure that you "check in every day" with your instrument in order to maintain and improve your skill level.

Orchestra students can find assignments for completion of your three daily practice session on the "Orchestras" link above. Assignments are listed for Concert Orchestra (period five), Philharmonia Orchestra (period six), and Chamber Orchestra (period seven). Please make sure that you "check in every day" with your instrument in order to maintain and improve your skill level.

Playing Chart Posted (posted 8/26/13)

The playing chart for instrumental students is posted above. Recent brain research indicates that moments of "dedicated practice" work better for students if they are broken down into ten-minute groups and if they are consistent with a day-to-day program. The 2013-14 playing chart reflects this research. We are asking that students break down his/her practice into three parts: A- scales, B- Etudes or technical studies, and C- portions of music or other musical activities. By checking off each portion of the playing chart each day, the student indicates that they have worked on each of those particular activities for at least ten minutes each. This will help students to develop a more-consistent approach to the elements of music that will help them to be successful.

G/T Ensemble information (posted 8/18/13)

G/T ensembles are great opportunities to broaden experiences for the musician who just can't get enough. There are two middle school G/T orchestras (the orchestra and sinfonia), a G/T band, and G/T chorus. This is a very special year for the G/T orchestra program. The orchestra has been chosen to perform at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago, IL in December. All students who make it into the orchestra (not the sinfonia) will get to go on this trip! Because of the amount of music needed to learn for this performance, the G/T orchestra auditions (for both groups) will be held the first week of school. Audition signups are open now and will be open until at least August 27th, maybe later. Click on the G/T Orchestra link in the left column for more information.

Aspen Family Portal (posted 8/18/13)

Aspen is the new grading/attendance/communication system used by all of the schools in Howard County this year. In addition to the live access to teacher's gradebooks, this system also has the capability to generate email communication between teachers and parents. Although I know that most parents filled out an email address on the emergency card at the beginning of the year, it will take some time to get all of those email addresses entered into the system. We found out on Wednesday that parents have the ability to add their email address to the Aspen database through the family portal. We would sincerely appreciate (as would the data entry clerk) if parents could log in and either make sure the listed email is correct or add the email address if it is missing. Thank you!

Welcome to Music at Ellicott Mills (posted 8/18/13)

If you are reading this, then you have successfully found the place to turn to for information and materials for your child's performing arts group at Ellicott Mills. You can click on the "Required Materials" link on the left to see what materials your child will need this year. The "Calendar" link, again on the left, has a list of concerts that have been scheduled for this year. Please make a note of those on your family calendar. We will be updating that page as we make decisions about which groups will be performing on which nights. By clicking on the "Teachers" link above, you have ready access to your child's teacher by using the email link there.

The Refresh Button (posted 8/29/11)

Your browsers refresh button can be your best friend in making sure that you have the most up to date information on this website. Until we figure out how to automatically refresh pages every time you open them, your browser may load the old image from the cache memory and not display the most recent information. Click refresh often on all pages!



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